Produzione Guarnizioni Industriali


Asbestos Free Gasket, manufactured with NA Teadit material, in according to the most relevant specification or on customer drawing. This gasket are cutted by Flash-Cut e Water-Jet machine.

Gasket in Asbestos free or Graphite material with metallic eyelet on internal or external diameter.

Modified PTFE Gasket approved F.D.A. and USP class VI. Teadit and Spiralit can supply flat gasket manufactured in molded PTFE with big diameter in only one pieces welded with an exclusive technologies. Due to a very accurate manufacture process welded gasket has the same sealing properties of the one manufactured in only one pieces.

Camprofile Gasket are manufactured with different design and material with diameter up to 4 mt.

Flink, Flange Insulation Kit SpiralitĀ®, ensure high insulation to galvanic corrosion.

Packing ring supplied in any kind of yarn and section obtained from TEADITĀ® packing.

Spiralwound Gasket manufactured with any kind of metallic material and filler, with diameter up to 4 mt. Manufactured with special shape (oval, squared) on customer drawing.

Metal-Jacketed Gasket manufactured with any kind of material and shape in according to customer drawing or international specifications.

Carbographite Sealing Elements (sealing ring, oil scraper ring, sleeves) manufactured with pure Carbographite or impregnated with resins, metal alloys, antimony, organic salts.

Metallic Gasket: oval, octagonal, RX, BX Ring Joint, Lens Gasket and Welding Ring.