Produzione Guarnizioni Camprofile
Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile Gaskets

Gaskets manufactured by metal ring, grooved and subsequently coated with a layer of softer material which guarantees the seal; particularly suitable with hard operating conditions.
Use of this gasket is recommended where an high torque is requested, to avoid any possible damage of flanges surface the Camprofile gasket could be covered with graphite or PTFE layer.
They can be made of any material and size, with diameters from 5 to 5000 mm, with constant pitch and depth (our type Standard) or grooved convex (type "CX").

Camprofile Gaskets CX

As all other types of Spiralit® Camprofile Gaskets the metal tips of "CX" type are aligned, while the grooves have variable depth; starting from a minimum depth of 0.2 mm in the middle up to a maximum depth of 0.8 mm on the edge, the grooves depht have a constant increase depending on the size of the sealing surface.