Flange Insulation Kit - Type E

Flange Insulation Kit - Type E

Guarnizioni Full Face (FF) - Type E
Contact corrosion prevention can be achieved by isolating metal materials from each other by applying the Spiralit® FLINK (Flange Insulation Kit).
FLINK SPIRALIT® prevent the galvanic corrosion process by ensuring the interruption of electrical continuity between adjacent flanges and isolating each component without interfering with the correct tightening.
This configuration minimizes the risk of having an electric bridge between the two flanges because it does not allow conductive foreign bodies to interpose between the flanges. The gasket is made of insulating material of the FF type (in TBN32, G11/EPDM, G11/NBR, G11/FKM, G11/PTFE or VIRGIN PTFE, STRUCTURED PTFE, ecc).

Datasheet 1590 Type E-L

Datasheet G10 G11 Type E-L

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