SPIRALIT® AF 101 Packing

SPIRALIT® AF 101 Packing

Diagonal braided construction of pure, expanded flexible graphitetapes.

Very flexible and supple packing, good alternative to preformed graphiterings. Style AF 101 combines all the advantages of pure graphite rings with the flexibilty, compressibility and ease of installation of a conventional packing; very low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity; extended shelf life, does not harden; chemically inert (pH 0-14) except with highly oxidizing agents. BAM approved for oxygen applications.

Style AF 101 is suitable for a wide range of applications and can reduce stock inventories considerably, provide economic alternatives to asbestos packings, reduce maintenance time and cater for very demanding duties. Because of its low density, style 2000 yields more metres per kg, which makes it very economical! BAM approval for use with oxygen.

Application: Rotary pumps and valves in power stations and boiler houses, in the petrochemical industry and many other industrial areas.

User: Steam, water, fuel, gases, chemicals, mineral and synthetic oils, effluents. Suitable for all processes, except with highly oxidizing media.

Not suitable for highly oxidizing agents.

Test & Approvals: FDA.